CLEAIR a premier, sanitizing & deodorizing solution that is environmentally neutral, commercial strength.

Contains no scented masking or tracer scents, oil extracts or dangerous phynols.

All ingredients established against the covid-19 by the EPA, all registered, requiring no special handling.

CLEAIR is formulated to be misted by all types of pump sprays.

CLEAIR can be used in personal diffusers, that help keep an indoor environment fresher.

Designed specifically for hospitality & cleaning professionals.

CLEAIR's commercial strength, duel action of anti-microbial sanitizing & malodor encapsulation, increases by geometric proportion with ultrasonic conversion. This process overwhelms, eliminates the causes of unhealthy, odorous air.

CLEAIR contains EPA approved ingredients to defeat covid-19.

Droplets are as small as 1-3 micron.
This will envelop the causes of

unhealthy, odorous air.

The vapor will be recognized as smoke by smoke & fire detectors.

Spray droplets can miss .

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